Food & Stands

                 NATURAL HIGH FOOD & STANDS


The food selection in Natural High Healing Festival is naturally delicious, diverse and definitely healthy! We take wholeheartedly into consideration of food trends and diets. We strive for locally grown, organic, quality provisions to supply you with the nutrition you need to feel great!

All our sellers pay attention to ethicality, ecology and quality according to their best abilities. Thus we have seen fit that the festival will serve only vegetarian foods. You are what you eat so know what you eat!


Fulfilling and delightful experiences for your taste buds, delicious treats that melt in your mouth! Made by our raw food artists Tiril and Lilu.


Make a voyage of discovery to Bali, Thailand, India and Nepal. Beautiful hand crafted jewellery, adorable bags, feather earrings and silk scarves. Here the festival T-shirts will find their new owners. When you buy from here you support the Natural High Healing Festival. Thank you. The store is situated in the garden close to Heart Space. Welcome!

GAYATRI VORTEX has brought every year to the festival their cozy lounge and groovy food made with love. In their menu you can find smoothies, raw goodies and for lunch salad with soup.

GOVINDAM vegetarian food enhances health, strength and satisfaction. Skillfully spiced food that is served with reasonable price.

KELLARIPANIMO brings their legendary kombucha to exhilarate and refresh thirsty festival people.

LAPIN PAKURITELTTA offers powerful chaga accompanied with vegetarian food made from local products.

NARVILINNA’S own kitchen complements vegetarian food offered at the festival.

RASTA CHEF VEGETARIAN KITCHEN brings famous vegeburgers and vegetarian food with flavors around the world.


LENTÄVÄ MATTO delicious treats for your wellbeing 





VIOLETA will help you to find the Yoni Egg for your needs. She will share her expertise so you can explore this every woman’s favourite tool.


Many more vendors to be announced before july!