Location and arriving

Nopperlantie 1, Uusikaupunki, Finland


This year’s festival will take place in the beautiful Narvilinna, an venue embraced by nature. Each festival year is a unique combination of harmony, nature and event spaces made with love and surprises. This time we will have some new guests – ponies, sheep and high land cattle will be delighting us with their presence.

With inspiration and love we will create spaces for all of us to enjoy at the festival.


If you are coming by car take all new and old friends along! If you have space in your car or if you need a ride check the Carpooling page on Facebook.

FESTIVAL-BUS (Helsinki and Tampere)

Hop on a bus and hop off with new friends and rested.

We offer a nature friendly alternative:

A round-trip ticket 32,50 € (from Turku 22,50 €) + Tiketti service fee 2,50 €


Thu 6.7. At 11:00 am

Fri 7.7. At 11:00 am

Bus takes off from address Eteläinen rautatiekatu 10 (Company: Inter Kuljetus + NHHF-poster)

Helsinki lähtöpaikka


Thu 6.7. At 11:00 am

Bus takes off from central square, old church (Company: Atro Vuolle, grey + NHHF-poster)

Tampere lähtöpaikka


Thu 6.7. at 1:00 pm
The bus leavesfrom köydenpunojankatu 12 (Logomo parkingplace)

Fri 7.7. at 1:00 pm
The bus leavesfrom köydenpunojankatu 12 (Logomo parkingplace)

Return to Helsinki, Tampere and Turku

Bus leaves from Festival-area parking place

Sun 9.7. At 19:00 (7pm)

Please be at the location 10 minutes in advance :)

Seat belts and toilet provided

Please keep your ticket for the return also.

People who need rest and sleep please be seated in the front.

Click here for tickets from Tiketti (on the ticket menu select tab ‘Bus ticket’) 


The name of the nearest bus stop is ’Järvenperä th, Y-tie’.

You can see both the location of it, as well as the route to the festival location, on this map.

Search for bus timetables on Matkahuolto online ticket store here. Type your departure station and select right date(!) and search.

Motorists who drive from direction of Helsinki and Turku will drive past the bus stop, so lets help each other – if you have space in your car pick travelers up from the road.