NATURAL HIGH CAMPING


You will enjoy the Natural High Camping area, which is part of the festival area but situated in its own quiet corner. Make yourself at home, gather together all your friends and build a lovely space!

The camping site is smoke free, like the whole festival area. There will be a smoking place near the area. The festival is completely alcohol and drug free as well as vegetarian. Thank you for respecting that.


Make yourself comfortable in the campsite with both old and new friends! We want to wish Natural High campers welcome on two separate sites. They are short cut meadows surrounded by forest.

Love Camp is next to the festival area, Peace Camp is approx. 200 m away from it. Campsite is smoke free, substance free and car free. Portable toilets are in the site and water outlets in close vicinity.

Washing facilities are a small pond in the festival area, and a sauna at the Secret Beach by a lake approx. 1 km from the area.

You can buy a sauna-wristband for 10 €. With that you can use the sauna, showers and toilets at the festival area near Narvilinna. OBS! this sauna-area is only for the ones who buy the sauna-wristband.

Campervans, and camping in tent next to your car: Campervan Area is in the rear of the parking lot. If you wish to camp in a tent close to your car, you can set it up on the field that surrounds the parking lot. Unfortunately we are unable to provide electricity for campervans due to high overall consumption.

Camping fee is 10 € per person (both with a tent or a campervan) for the whole time that you delight us with your presence! No reservations needed. We will collect camping fees in the Tickets & Info tent on location.

NB! No camping if you have a one day ticket. The camping area is part of the festival area where you need to have a valid ticket.



This year there will be a tent-hotel at the festival area. Price includes sleeping in a heated half-platoon tent on the floor with a sleeping bag, tent mattress, pillow and sauna-wristband.

  • 1 night 30,00€
  • 2 nights 50,00€
  • 3 nights 60,00€

You can book your stay at the tent-hotel beforehand by email from

Payment in cash on arrival.



If you wish to sleep indoors see the map here, in which we have gathered accommodations nearby. Links contain contact details as well.